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In this case, AVC has been contacted by the captain of a yacht. The captain had problems with his audio/video equipment and the complicated management of that system. His request was to have a better cable system, and that the system has a very simple control panel, so that all guests could independently manage media content and home theatre systems. 

A particular challenge in this case was to work on a yacht that was built a few years ago because we did not know the real state of the cable infrastructure, and the project documentation did not contain the actual state of the installation aboard that ship.

The proposed solution

Our project manager suggested that our engineers on the yacht determine the true state of prefabricated cables, and the development of the project so that our technicians know which of the necessary infrastructure we have available, and what we need to add.

The proposal was to replace certain equipment with a new system that was compatible with the ship and easy to use. As an integrated system, we selected world-renowned manufacturer Control4. The captain agreed with the proposal, and we went to work.


Our team finished the wiring, modified some audio/video components, and completed the whole system integration into a single management system platform called Control4. All of the equipment was hidden in the exclusive interior of the yacht, that way the interior was preserved completely. Considering the remark of the captain, we conducted a superb integration in two exclusive salons, the master cabin and five cabins for guests and crew.

After completing the job, each cabin now has a very simple remote control that can operate five or more components. The captain and the rest of the crew are able to manage all systems through their smartphones. Although our client (the captain) was very pleased with the performance, we were all excited to hear the first remarks of the ship owner as well as the other guests to find out how they liked the system. After a few days had passed, our office received a call. The captain was delighted that the guests were satisfied with the system. The result has been reached, said the captain, the job was well done and his investment was justified.

The client is very pleased with the system and expressed the wish that on his next ship purchase, we will participate in the construction of the ship at the Italian shipyard.


This exclusive yacht sails the Mediterranean throughout the year, so the solution for remote service was the right choice. By installing a few additional components, we are now able to connect to the system remotely over the Internet. According to the maintenance contract, it is our duty to make regular inspections of the system to remove potential deficiencies before any irregularities occur.