South Villa



In the construction of family house with residential area of 1600 m2, we have been involved from the start of construction. The client came to us with his wishes about simple operation that includes lighting and blinds and he had no idea that we can integrate audio/video equipment, heating/cooling, and security systems. Considering the project and high expectations of the client, the real challenge was to make decision which will be simply used by the client, but also by the other residents including young children.

The proposed solution

At the time of planning of building house, we worked closely with the client, architect and interior designer. Agreed solution contained the following:

- Lighting design and easy operation
- Automation of shutters and curtains
- Multi room audio system in each room, which will hold music collection that the client has more than 350 albums of music
- Some cinema system in the living room and master bedroom
- Multi-room video system that will store the collection of Blue-ray and DVD movies with more than 800 titles
- Automation of heating, cooling and air recuperation
- Automation of all safety systems
- Coverage of the entire building by top quality wireless internet


Working on this project was a real pleasure for all members of our team. While working, our client realized everything we can do about simple management of the house so additional requests kept coming in every day. The final result surpassed the expectations of the client, which made us very happy.

For the client, it was the first experience of this kind. From now it's not necessary to use 5 TV remotes to turn on the home cinema system, but only one, which is extremely easy to use. Also, the client can operate the screens on the wall via touch screen. The possibility of controlling the system by using iPhone and iPad made our clients very happy. From now on, all users can manage all segments of the system by using their smart phones, regardless of whether they are in their own home or at some remote location, anywhere in the world.

The proof of customer satisfaction is their request for such a system to be installed in other residential facilities, which we are already working on.


Given that this is a very large facility and a very large system, our maintenance team will visit this house once a year, according to the maintenance contract.

Our team checks the entire system and performs preventive maintenance, so that the customer can use the system carefree and trouble free throughout the next year.